MacraMeditation Follow up

Hi Everyone,

it was a big week and we had our first 2 MacraMeditation courses – beginner level. To say the least, it was absolutely beautiful and I’m overwhelmed with the feedback and compliments from those lucky ones that got a spot in the first two courses.  I’m truly grateful. On the first day weather was not too good but we were very very lucky on the Saturday course. In the warm autumn sun, within nature and under trees we found a relaxing and quite atmosphere to take a break from crafting and got into our meditation part. We also had some very good organic food from a few local Mona Vale shops and plates were empty at he end of the course, which means food was very yummy. Everyone really got into Macrame and we learnt about new knots, material and ropes. To keep everyone engaged, they all got a gift bag with crafts material and organic food. Following are a few images of our Saturday course.

As you can see local wildlife checked on the girls progress and they all got 2 thumbs up.

I did not expect courses to sell out so quick so please check availability in the workshop section.

Thanks to everyone.




Macrameditation4 Macrameditation3 Macrameditation1 Macrameditation5

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