2015 Welcome!

Hi Everyone,

you all have been busy buying goodies here, so thank you very much. Gosh, what a relief that Christmas, relatives and friends are all gone (…and that school is back on…if you are a mum and know what I mean…). So, I’m getting back to work and below are the first new creations of the new year. As always, have a look around or give me a buzz and book an appointment to come over and check out some of my creations.

Happy Days




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First Day of Christmas

Hi Everyone,


It’s first day of Christmas and so much going on at my house. How can you tell your kids to open just one door of the advent calendar when your House Has No Rules?

Well, you blame on Santa, he’s watching….

That said, I’ll start my own advent calendar here, I’ll try to post a different piece every day until Christmas…

Here we go, open the first “door”….




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Angels and Christmas



Hi Christmas Shoppers,

need a present for a good friend, relative? You came to the right place. Made with love, magic and artistic twists I’m sure you will find the right present. I have a few new creations, so check out my feather ensembles and driftwood branches with seasonal twists. Also, I will be at most of the markets up to Christmas so come and see me and check out the new goodies. Tip, come and see me early (and bring a latte with 1).


Enjoy the season, stay calm in all the rush and enjoy life.



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Pre Market Update




Hi guys,


just a quick update on my new goodies that are on offer. Check out the girls above and their new sunnies. These are latest European and North-American sunglasses. I’ll be at the BeachesMarket in Warriewood tomorrow, 31st of Oct. So if you have a minute, drop by, check out my other new stuff and bring me a coffee along.

Enjoy surfing around my shop and see you soon.




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Online Shop

Hi guys,

My online shop is ready now. As you can see I’m still photo shooting a few new items and my tech department will put them up soon. As you can see I’m a One-Wonderwomen-Business: designer, painter, carpenter, photographer….did I miss anything…oh yes…delivery driver as well. See you all soon.

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