2015 Welcome!

Hi Everyone,

you all have been busy buying goodies here, so thank you very much. Gosh, what a relief that Christmas, relatives and friends are all goneĀ (…and that school is back on…if you are a mum and know what I mean…). So, I’m getting back to work and below areĀ the first new creations of the new year. As always, have a look around or give me a buzz and book an appointment to come over and check out some of my creations.

Happy Days




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Angels and Christmas



Hi Christmas Shoppers,

need a present for a good friend, relative? You came to the right place. Made with love, magic and artistic twists I’m sure you will find the right present. I have a few new creations, so check out my feather ensembles and driftwood branches with seasonal twists. Also, I will be at most of the markets up to Christmas so come and see me and check out the new goodies. Tip, come and see me early (and bring a latte with 1).


Enjoy the season, stay calm in all the rush and enjoy life.



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