Hi Everyone,

we have almost completed the current series of workshops and you all have been amazing. I enjoy the laughs, fun, girls talk and each and everyones creative designs. Its such a pleasure to have you all here. Well, its also a pleasure to reenergise in between with healthy food….

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Special Thank You to my friend Karen for taking these beautiful pictures.

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The Beaches Market – Warriewood

Hi Everyone,


thanks for stopping and shopping by. We are today at the Beaches Market in Warriewood. Weather could be a bit better but nevertheless great interest and wonderful feedback from visitors and customers. Thank You. Great sales as well with many different item sold and a few back orders due to unexpected demand. Remember everyone, you get free local delivery from my handsome male delivery team (hubby and son).

I’m working on a few new designs which will be up in my shop in the next week so keep on checking my shop regularly for specials and new designs.

Enjoy your day and remember – my house has no rules we follow our heart.






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Online Shop

Hi guys,

My online shop is ready now. As you can see I’m still photo shooting a few new items and my tech department will put them up soon. As you can see I’m a One-Wonderwomen-Business: designer, painter, carpenter, photographer….did I miss anything…oh yes…delivery driver as well. See you all soon.

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