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This is me in a quick summary…

I was born in Brasil, my father was a police officer and my mother a stay-home mom. I look like my father and ended up as tall as he was, but even though I liked sports, games with too many rules weren’t for me, so instead of playing basketball I decided that I want to be an artist.
My grandmother and mother played a huge part in my love for design. My grandmother was an artist in her own way and through sewing, crocheting, embroderying and cooking she taught me the beauty of homemade. My mother followed her steps and added her love for old furniture, vintage pieces and collecting family treasures. I couldn’t immediately identify what kind of artist I wanted to be so I kept on searching. I had a go at fashion, illustration and worked for long time as an art director for various advertising companies in America and Brasil.
In 2003, Australia just stood in front of me and I felt in love, met my future husband, who shared the same love for this country and here we live since then with our 3 kids. Once I had kids life took another turn. I quit work to be able to see my kids grow up but something was missing…..
One day a friend called me to let me know that an old friend’s house was sold and it would be demolished….with all furniture inside. That was my calling, literally. Rescuing furniture, that are no longer loved or needed but still have so much to give, bringing them home, giving them a new life and meaning, painting them in new colours became my passion. From there I started to see them everywhere. Sometimes I find them, sometimes they find me, they have a lot of stories to tell and I listen to what they have to say. Everything looks better in stripes, gold, black, white  or bold colours, sometimes they just need some love.
In my house we follow our hearts not rules.
My house has no rules.